Minggu, 12 September 2010

scene #18 a BLESSED and BLAST 20th Birthday.and a Sacred Date : 080910

Well,I know it's kind a late to tell a story about my birthday,
but I still want to thank everybody that I do care about and do care about me, as simply as they remembered my birthday, and gave a birthday wishes
I say AMIN to all of your birthday wishes,
and thank you very much guys :)

Before we start, I want to thank and show my gracefull to The Almighty Allah S.W.T, who set all this things below up. There are no surprises that bigger than Yours, and there are no best gift than the life You gave to me 20 years ago. I wish I could show how much I love You in this life I have, when I am still have a chance, and I am just Your powerless creation. With all of my humble of heart, thank You :)

So, this story about people who did special things for me, or at least I concidered it as a special thing to do
and I am sorry I can't mention all the people name by name
It doesn't less the mean of all your wishes, guys :)
and here it goes...

Better late than never!!

Nindya Esa Putri,
gave a birthday wishes on 00.00 o'clock by phone and sms (I made sure by saw the call time from my phone, and she told me that she actually waited until the time was 00.00 exact). We text before, and she told me that she slept on 11.00 o'clock, aaaaaaaannnnnddddd, actually she still awake until 12.00 o'clock. You succeed gave me a surprise, silly, and how nice it was, thank you. You are the person that I hoped as the first to gave me a birthday wishes, and you were really the first, alhamdulillah. Sometimes you actually can be sweet, silly :)

My Supermom and Superdad,
who gave me a hug, and whispered prays to my ear, and how beautiful the words that came out from their lips. thank you for always be there, and never let me down. I LOVE YOU MOM,DAD :)

All the friends,
who gave birthday wishes via sms, twitter, facebook, ym, thank you so much. You're all guys rawwwkkkkkkkkk!!

Dale SOJ #5,
who forget my birthday until I remind him, and then gave an apologize message, AN ACTUALLY APOLOGIZE MESSAGE,hahahahahahahaha. It's kind a fun to got him busted. Thank you Dale :)

Angga Muhammad Ridwan,
who were NOT accidentally forget, and gave me a surprise wishes and a really big hug in Cosmic Joyhouse Trunojoyo. Thank you for did all of this with a purpose, you actually pissed me off before you gave me the surprise. Thank you Sanguin Boy :)
And everybody who in Cosmic Joyhouse Trunojoyo, thank you for all of your birthday wishes :)

Syalsabil Army Putri a.k.a Cabiw,
who accidentally called me to asked for Febry, that I didn't know exactly where Febry at. then she gave me a birthday wishes by phone at that moment, still with her whatsocute style.hahaha. It made me have to pull over to the corner of the street, and didn't forget, there was pouring rain. and I was all wet because of her. hahaha. It's a very unique way to gave me a birthday wishes.TOTALLY. thank you biw :)

Pray moment before finish fasting,
lead by my uncle Awan and my grandma, with those their beautiful pray. It made me very gratefull to have such a great family. Thank you for all of you prays uncle Awan, and also my dearest grandma :)

who gave me a best present for the day, that he was took me to wibi's house, even it was really heavy rain outside, and he just finished drove his mother from antapani, sorry for my egoistic nan. Thanks a lot mate, I owed you BIG TIME!!

Wibi Bela Inyoh Hari Fajar Ega Dia Amet,
who completed my blessed and blast day by always be there, no matter what, and alaways always always be there. Thank you BLOODS BROTHER. please stay be my best mates ever and ever :)

who accidentally met me on Madtari, when me and my friends decided to have some foods there. She wears a jilbab now, a traditional Moeslimah attribute, and it needs a huge of commitment and a lot of courage before a Moeslimah decided wears the jilbab, because it should never be take off again for the rest of their life, except in front of their family and their muhrim. For that, I salute her, and thank you for the birthday wishes des :)

who gave me a birthday wishes with full package, via phone, sms, twitter, facebook, ym and whatsoanother media. she likes advertise my birthday to people, hahaha. Thank you so much for doing such of thing, I was really embarassed and also happy . Thank you nis :)

Fauzan Prawira Adi a.k.a Ojan,
who be the last person that gave me a birthday wishes on the day, like he said, "I'm always special 'till the end", and hellfuckingyeah you are special my bloods brother!! and you were the last person, as you wanted. Please stay be my save room to share, and still guiding beside me, not back or front of me, beceuse I need a friend, not a follower or a leader. Thank you for always always always be there jan, and I'm sure you will have your own glory in your life. And also thank you for the birthday wishes :)

That's it
Enough for me to say
and once again,
Thank you :)

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